Jehovah's Witnesses in the [Elayn Hunt Correctional Center] meet in the "J" Building at the following times.

Their meeting times are:

Public Meeting

  • A Bible based discourse on a topic of interest (1:00 pm on Saturdays)

Watchtower Study

  • A question-and-answer discussion of Bible subjects (2:00 pm pm on Saturdays)

Theocratic Ministry School

  • A speaking course featuring Bible teachings (7:30 pm on Mondays)

Congregation Bible Study

  • A small group discussion of the Bible (6:30 pm on Mondays)

(Everyone is welcome at these meetings and Bible questions welcome!) P.S.: We meet in the "J" Building at above days and time.

In addition to these meetings, publications are availabe for use in study of basic Bible teachings. One of these is entitled What Does God Require of Us? It may be studied privately or with the help of a qualified Bible teacher. What Does God Require of Us? is a 32-page brochure that shows clearly what God's purpose is for mankind and provides information from the Bible that highlights what we need to do to receive his approval. To request a copy just visit [Jehovah's Witnesses Official Website]

If you want more information about Jehovah's Witnesses in Gonzales,La. you can contact Gary Tureau who regularly visits on the above days.

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