Keene offers several choices when it comes to entertainment

Theatre and Movies

Colonial Theatre (link) - Host to concerts, plays, comedians and independent films.

Redfern Arts Center (link) - The Arts Center of Keene State College, offering plays and concerts performed by members of the college and touring companies from around the world.

The Putnam Screening Room - Run by Keene State College's Film Society, offers all sorts of independent features. Part of the Redfern Arts Center

Keene Cinemas (link) - Pretty much your average movie theater, though it seems they have made some recent renovations and upgrades.

Annual Festivals

PumpkinFest - This is the most famous tradition of Keene, earning a world record on occasion. Pumpkins and people come from all over the country to celebrate Halloween, small towns, and of course, pumpkins. Usually taking place on a Saturday in late October, with exhibits, stages and vendors spread across most of the downtown area.

Keene Music Festival - Celebrating music in all its forms, performances can be found all along Main Street. Usually takes place on a Saturday in the beginning of September.

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